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A high quality apron
$26.09 $8.90

Apron, acrylic coated

A high quality acrylic coated apron.
$18.38 $8.90

Drugs of Natural Origin, A Treatise of Pharmacognosy, 7th ed.

Drugs of Natural Origin is a unique multidisciplinary book suitable for undergraduate and graduate students and teachers in the area of natural product science, but also as a complementary book for disciplines like medicinal chemistry, biochemistry and pharmacology. The book can also serve society as a scientific source for the understanding of a sustainable use of natural products in the development of new drugs, scientifically based herbal remedies, and environmentally friendly biomolecules.

Glasflaska: Kopia av glasflaska ur regalskeppet Kronans medicinkista

Echoing historical 17th century glass linked to pharmacy, we have produced a copy of one of the flasks found in a medicine chest in the wreck of the man-of-war Kronan (the Crown).

Pharmacokinetic & Pharmacodynamic Data Analysis: Concepts and Applications, ed. 5

Free shipping! Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Data Analysis: Concepts and Applications teaches everyday biological data analysis to the undergraduate and graduate levels. Through numerous examples and over 100 tutorials, scientists learn how to use PK/PD seamlessly in a variety of practical areas, from simple plasma kinetics, multi-compartment models, nonlinear kinetics, plasma protein binding, pharmacodynamic models, turnover concepts, receptor binding, functional adaption and rebound, dose-response-time data analysis, inter-species scaling and a lot more. Price includes worldwide shipping!

Quantitative Pharmacology - An Introduction to Integrative Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic Analysis

PKPD awareness is vital if we are to attempt to relate preclinical results to the acute and long term consequences in humans. The debate on whether preclinical findings can be translated to the human usage is still engaging scientists across industry, academia and regulatory bodies.

Ren, mjuk och vacker - Kemi och funktion hos kosmetika, 3:e utg.

The book is useful for students enrolled in the field, companies that develop and sell cosmetics, staff at pharmacies, perfumeries and beauty care as well as for individual consumers who want to learn more about the products we use.